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The 3 Phases Of Growing An Expert Business - Nick James

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Rymel Dmot - Business Coach

When Rymel joined Mastermind he didn't really have a business, but through his time with Nick he has had his first £12,000 day and grown his business DMOT Nation to a multi six-figures

Charlotte Desorgher - Belly Dance Mentor

Charlotte's biggest learning was giving 100% focus to one thing, rather than exploring 100's of ideas! She has gone from struggling to afford a coffee, to making 'very good money' (in her words!)

Shari Teigman - Mindset Coach

In her first week, Shari made more than she had in the last year of her business. As a stubborn New Yorker she had reservations about being part of the Mastermind programme, but she has flourished and is loving the growth she has seen

David Walsh - Youtube Strategist

After David's consultation with Nick he completely changed his business model and is now a leading Youtube strategist. The Mastermind community itself and the support network have all helped David 5X his business