29k followers in 7 weeks!

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So in the last 7 weeks I’ve managed to amass a following of over 29,000 people on Clubhouse.

Now, that might sound like a lot to you.

It might not.

To be fair, I know plenty of people with 50k, 100k, 200k followers already.

So it’s not that many.

But let me put that 29k into perspective…

So let’s say I’ve spent 3 years on average building my (fairly modest) following on these various platforms.

Clubhouse has blown all of them out of the water in just SEVEN WEEKS!

Crazy, eh?

the platform has gone from 1 million users to over 10 million since the start of 2020

Apparently the platform has gone from 1 million users to over 10 million since the start of the year.

I mean, Elon Musk did a room on there the other week and I estimate he had over 30,000 people listening in at once!

(It’s hard to tell the exact number because there was a room limit of 5,000 people, but there were at least 4-5 ‘overflow’ rooms that were maxed out, and a bunch of smaller ones with 2-3k in each)

That should tell you everything – it seems like everything Elon touches turns to GOLD!

So fair to say, this thing is moving at lightning speed… just imagine where it will be in 6-12 months time!

I really believe Clubhouse presents an UNPRECEDENTED opportunity, ESPECIALLY for ‘Experts’ like us, who make a living sharing our content, information, and expertise.

And that’s why at Expert Empires Global I’ve got a ‘Clubhouse Ninja’ coming in to teach you:

The person I’m bringing in to deliver this workshop already has over 100k followers – and by the time we get to EE in April I expect that number will be at least 200k.

This is just one of many ‘deep-dive workshops’ happening at Expert Empires Global in April.

Expert Empires Global

These masterclasses, keynotes, interviews, and Masterminds will be delivered by some of the smartest guys and girls I know.


New York Times #1 Bestselling Author of ‘Everything is Figureoutable’ MARIE FORLEO

LISA NICHOLS (who starred in the blockbuster movie The Secret – and has reach over 80 million people online)

5-time best-selling author and host of the UK’s #1 business podcast – ROB MOORE

SUZY ASHWORTH – who in the last year alone has made seven figures ‘playing in the quantum field’ (her words, not mine!)

“One of the most influential women in the UK” who received an MBE from The Queen for her Services to Business and Entrepreneurship – SHAA WASMUND

…Plus others still TBC!

Simply click here to find out more and purchase your ticket(s)

That’s it for now.

Speak soon,

Nick James 

Clubhouse Username: @nickjames1