Best Year Yet! – The cold day in January 2003 that changed EVERYTHING

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On a cold Saturday morning in January 2003 Me and Nicki Vee set off on the short journey to attend the YES group meeting in Birmingham. Not knowing that this would lead us to our best year yet!

(If you’re not familiar with the YES group – it’s a monthly personal development meeting that happens in towns and cities all over the UK. It was originally created as a kind of ’Tony Robbins fan club’ but it has moved on a bit since then)


Nikki Vee had been asked to give a presentation about HOW she had made the previous year the best year yet of her life…

…And what a year it had been! 

Seriously, I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing this with you all… 

She went from overweight, single, and pretty miserable… to happily married to Tony Vee and in the best shape of her life IN LESS THAN A YEAR! 

Impressive, or what?!?

So in typical Nicki Vee style, she rocked up to present with no slides and no notes (which is standard for Nicki). 

But as she walked up on stage she carried with her a book called ‘Best Year Yet’ by Jinny Ditzler. 

(Great book. Highly recommended.)

Over the next few hours she took me and the rest of the group through the process in the book of how to achieve the best year yet – plus a few little Nicki Vee ‘extras’ – to help us set our vision, goals and intentions for the year ahead. 

Best year yet

By the way…

This process is WAY more than just some lame ‘goal setting’ session. It goes way beyond creating ‘new year’s resolutions’.

It goes deep into Your Mindset. Your Identity, Your Genius. Your Soul… to ensure you create absolute MAGIC in the best year yet ahead.

It’s been responsible for me building FOUR multi-six and seven-figure companies over the last 10 years. It helped me create Expert Empires back in 2017, and inspired me to (finally!) buy mine and Nattie James’ dream home this year.

I mean, without this process… TONY AND NICKI VEE MAY HAVE NEVER EVEN MET (how crazy is that???)


By the end of that cold day in January 2003 we were all *BUZZING* with excitement. But this was a different type of ‘excitement’ than I’d ever experienced at an event before.

This excitement had with it, an element of certainty. Of knowing that something had shifted in all of us, and that the year ahead was going to be our BEST EVER.

I can’t speak for the other members of the audience, but I know – for me at least – that day was an absolute game changer.

Since January 2003, our family have adapted this process to create our very own unique system to set our vision/goals/intentions for the year. 

We usually get together for the day ‘behind closed doors’ sometime at the end of December/early January, and it’s always incredible.

We laugh. We cry. We feel proud. We sometimes even feel frustrated. But we always finish up *READY* for the year ahead.




If you’d like to have a go at using the ‘Best Year Yet’ process outlined in this blog, then you can download exact questions I use every year to plan, by going to: