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Expert Business Coaching

If you are aiming to achieve your own startup or grow and develop your existing business, take a look at our Mastermind Programmes for how coaching will help you achieve your goals with a business coach Birmingham.

We share proven strategies and resources you can implement to start seeing results for you and your business.

More structure and control and feeling fulfilled in what you do, working with the people you love, delivering the products and services you love to deliver whilst enjoying a regular, healthy income. 

Business Coaching Group Birmingham office

What is a Business Coach?

What does a Business Coach Do?

Do you want to find a Business Coach Birmingham or are you having trouble choosing a Business Coach? A Business Coach empowers clients to reach their own decisions. In addition, guides and coaches clients in skills development. For example, setting goals, building resilience or improving communication etc.

Expert Empires provides business coaching in & around Birmingham. Nick James and his team based in Birmingham have years of professional experience with Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Trainers, Authors and other ‘experts.

We provide coaching at our Birmingham training centre with workshops to motivate and align teams. Drawing on our own experiences as a performance coach and senior marketeer We also offer training on sales psychology to help your team build instant trust and connection with clients and know how best to influence them.

As a business coach, we work with you to take a step back and get perspective on your business, creating a future vision that is authentic and aligned with your team and customers. We will give you the support you need to create a profitable business& an effective marketing strategy.

The Best Business Coaching in Birmingham

When you’re working with Nick James and his team, you are working with a team that has actual results that we get for our clients. 

You get the support of the whole team of sincere professionals working across strategy marketing, sales, finance, recruitment, project management and other important segments of business mastery.

We have helped many many clients with their career, strategies and business growth

Generating new business by attending a regular coaching session, setting new goals and long term investment into their business, taking it to the next level!

So what makes a great business coach?

A great coach helps you feel empowered, optimistic, reflective and proactive. 

It’s important to feel you ‘click’ with your coach and vice versa – therefore we offer an initial free consultation to discuss your goals and decide whether we both feel we can work effectively together.

Start focusing on the things that will give you the business you want

We have found that the difference between a successful business owner with a great lifestyle and a business owner that feels tired and frustrated at their lack of progress towards success is very often planning. 

We understand that you want to see results quickly which is why we’ll work with you to implement a robust, tried and tested 52-week plan that will help you stay focused on the positives and be proactive about identifying the potential for your business right now.

We continually move your business forward. In achieving your goals, you become more confident and are able to enjoy your success, taking your business to new heights.

Business Coaching Group Birmingham office

Business Coaching makes a difference

If you’re looking for a business coach who works in Birmingham, now may be the time to call off the search. Not only do we help business owners locally, but also further afield, across the UK, 

The wonders of technology enable me to support you wherever you are – Live via Zoom or Facebook.

Our business coaching is focused on the self-employed, or on one or two-director businesses with or without staff. We can help you enhance your self-belief and your confidence to become the effective leader you truly deserve to be with our coaching services.

We are one hundred percent committed to making you happier, more focused and ultimately much richer – both financially and emotionally.

A skilled business coach is an invaluable asset to any organisation. As well as increasing confidence and motivation, Expert Empires coaching  improves management performance, conflict resolution and communication and interpersonal skills.

Does Business Coaching really work?

Provided that you are committed to making progress yourself, and that may involve you stepping outside your comfort zone – then yes, coaching gets results, fast.

“I created Expert Empires for a simple reason…I LOVE this industry!  I’ve helped literally thousands of ‘Experts’ to get started, to build a full time income, and in many cases, scale to multi-six and even seven figures”

Nick James

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