Expert Empires Global


Expert Empires Global 2021……..What an experience.

You may be shocked to hear that for around half of the EE team, EE Global was our first ever Expert Empires event.

And it’s safe to say that when Nick first mentioned the idea, we had some questions!

Understandably, we were a little skeptical.

I mean, how were we supposed to pull off something of this scale with such short notice?

How would we make sure it was interactive and collaborative?

Could that many people even join a Zoom call all at once?!

But the minute we sat down in our Training Centre on Wednesday morning, ‘Empire Builder’ caps on and paddles waving…

All those doubts disappeared.

And honestly, we were blown away.

Of course, Nick kicked things off with his amazing opening speech, and there were immediate tears. Lol.

The entire room just flooded with feelings of accomplishment, relief, unity and pride.

(For reference, we were the bunch of lunatics standing up dancing, cheering and manically waving our paddles for the entire event).

And of course, we wanted to say a HUGE thank you to every single attendee for your participation.

You all played a part in making EE Global what it was…

The GREATEST virtual event we’ve ever seen or experienced!

Your involvement and dedication was seriously next level…

No, really.

We saw you all, cooking tea, putting a wash on, running on the treadmill, getting a haircut.

And no hard feelings to those of you who needed a little power nap…

We get it, it was a long couple of days! 😉

When we promised you 2 days of wall-to-wall content, we weren’t joking!

Oh, and speaking of…

How incredible were our speakers?!

We were so excited that Nick managed to assemble such an impressive and diverse lineup.

From Lisa Nichols and Marie Forleo, to Suzy Ashworth and Ryan Deiss

They certainly did not disappoint!

Here’s just a few of our highlights…

1) Home Experience Packs

The reception of these was next level!

You all made our Creative Designer Sophia a very happy bunny by repping her designs throughout the entire event.

As I mentioned, having our attendees feel involved (despite not being in the room) was a huge priority of ours while planning EE Global.

And the Experience Packs – from the ‘Emoji’ paddles, to the ‘Empire Builder’ caps, to the door hangers – became the perfect way to achieve this.

2) Prize draws

Seeing a lucky few faces light up when the wheel of fortune landed on their names was a definite energy-booster throughout.

We saw you win Airpods, an IPad, a spa day and even toilet roll (don’t worry, we re-spun after this one!)

I mean, Saturday Night Takeaway eat your heart out!

3) Empire party

And last, but certainly not least, the Empire Party!

The virtual party of the century 😉

The drinks were flowing and the questionable dance moves were out in full force. 

And the ability some of you had to transform your kitchen into a nightclub in *seconds* was honestly impressive.

It’s safe to say there were a few sore heads in the Training Centre the next day!

*Enter the Client Experience team wearing their Kardashian sunglasses*.

So that’s it!

Expert Empires Global 2021 – completed!

Once again, a huge thank you to all our attendees (who gave us record-breaking feedback scores!) from everyone here at Expert Empires. 

Oh, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the next *in person* Expert Empires event…

It’s coming sooner than you might think 😉

Head over to the Expert Empires Community to share your highlights from Expert Empires Global and let us know who you would love to see speak at the next event!

Beth x