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Over the last week I’ve been working on organising the agenda for Expert Empires Global.

Of course, everyone knows we’ve got a line up of incredible headline speakers, including MARIE FORLEO, LISA NICHOLS, SUZY  ASHWORTH, SHAA WASMUND MBE – plus others still to be announced!

But today I wanted to bring your attention to something you may NOT already know about Expert Empires Global…

In addition to the keynotes delivered by our amazing headliners, we’re also running 10 ‘deep-dive’ workshops, where you’ll learn some of the most effective marketing strategies that are working right now, and more importantly, how to actually execute them.

Meaning – you can quickly turn what you’ve learned into a bigger audience, more clients, and more cash in the bank 🙂

Here’s are just a few I’ve got confirmed so far:


How I’ve generated a 5:1 return on investment in the last 90 days from DIRECT MAIL

In a world where there seems to be a new platform or marketing fad being talked about every 5 minutes, today I’m pleased to able to report… OLD SCHOOL MARKETING STILL WORKS!

In fact, over the last 2 months I’ve invested somewhere in the region of £18k testing various ‘direct mail’ campaigns (i.e. sending packages, postcards, letters, etc, through the post).

And so far – that £18k investment has returned approximately £60k in sales.

Not bad, eh?

And that’s just the start.

One of those campaigns landed less than a week ago.

In fact, I expect when all is said and done that £18k will have generated more like £100k.

That’s more than a 5:1 return on investment!

In this deep-dive tactical workshop I’m going to unpack the whole campaign from end to end, including:

workshop #2:

How to build a massive (and engaged) following on CLUBHOUSE

So in the last 9 weeks I’ve managed to amass a following of OVER 31,000 people on Clubhouse.

Now, that might sound like a lot to you.

It might not.

To be fair, I know plenty of people with 50k, 100k, 200k followers already.

So its not that many.

But let me put that 29k into perspective…

So let’s say I’ve spent 3 years building my (fairly modest) following on these various platforms.

Clubhouse has blown all of them out of the water in just SEVEN WEEKS!

I really believe this platform presents an UNPRECEDENTED opportunity. Especially for ‘Experts’ like us, who make a living sharing our content, information, and expertise.

And that’s why at Expert Empires Global I’ve got a ‘Clubhouse Ninja’ coming in to teach you:

The person I’m bringing in to deliver this workshop already has over 100k followers – and by the time we get to Expert Empires Global in April I expect that number will be at least 200k.

workshop #3:


My good friend Rob Moore has recorded over 800 podcast episodes and generated many millions of pounds in sales as a result.

So I’ve asked him to come along to Expert Empires Global and share his proven ‘Podcast Launch Strategy’.

This is the same process I followed to get the EMPIRE BUILDERS podcast to #1 in the business charts AND more impressively, generate over £250k in direct revenue within 90 days.

Rob will reveal:

Note: This strategy doesn’t just work for launching podcasts. I’ve seen it used for launching books, apps, courses, etc. It’s a great way to have greater impact and make more income, regardless of your business model.

workshop #4

How to use free and paid challenges to sell high-ticket products (without sales calls)

In this deep dive workshop at Expert Empires Global you’ll get everything you need to be able to walk away and successfully run either a free or paid challenge within the next 14 days!


…We’ll even give you a tried and tested ‘challenge funnel’ – both free and paid versions – so you can literally ‘copy and paste’ and put to work in your business right after the event!


The 5 best ways to sell high-ticket coaching programmes and Masterminds

Bizarrely, in September last year (in the middle of a global pandemic, when we were unable to run large-scale events) our company had its BIGGEST MONTH EVER in terms of high-ticket sales!

Not only did we achieve this without any big event (which traditionally has been our primary marketing strategy), we also didn’t do any kind of big ‘launch’… and we didn’t even spend any money on ads!

So in this deep-dive session I’m going to:

1. Give you an overview of my 4-step process when it comes to making high-ticket sales (Sidenote: As far as I’m aware, NO-ONE ELSE uses this approach. It allows people to invest only when they’re ready AND works like crazy!)

And then;

2. I’ll unpack each of the 5 strategies in detail for you. I’ll even transparently show revenue numbers for each, so you can see clearly which ones worked best. That way you can decide what to focus on first when it comes to selling your own high-ticket coaching programme or Mastermind 🙂

Of course, there are other ‘Deep Dive Workshops’ still to be added to the agenda, but I just wanted to give you a flavour of what to expect when you attend Expert Empires Global.

If you haven’t already, be sure to secure your ticket by clicking here.

IMPORTANT: The ‘super early bird’ pricing on all ticket levels expires at 8pm on Friday 12th March (that’s THIS Friday!) so be sure to secure your ticket(s) before that time to get the best deal possible.

If you have any questions before you book, please feel free to call the Expert Empires Global team on 0212 667 4502.

That’s it for today.

Speak soon,

Nick James 

Nick James