Expert Empires #MAXOUT Live At Wembley 2021

18 months of restrictions…

18 months of lockdowns…

…And 18 months of no Expert Empires live.

Arriving at the Hilton Wembley on 1st September, it’s safe to say the team were beyond excited.

We were excited for 3 reasons:

1) For the majority of us, Expert Empires #MAXOUT was our first ever live Expert Empires event
2) We’d practically been stuck in the house for a year and a half!
3) We knew this was going to be EXTRA special…

…And why would it be extra special?

Well, for the last year and a half, we’ve all been starved of human-to-human interaction and connection.

And Expert Empires was the first real chance for UK-based Coaches, Consultants, Mentors, Speakers, Trainers and other ‘Experts’ to connect, collaborate, learn from each other in a LIVE setting…


EE Global (our virtual event in March) was obviously incredible, but after hearing the OGs of the team bang on about how out-of-this-world the real thing was, we were more than ready to experience it for ourselves!

Plus, the Hilton Wembley has been home to Expert Empires events since November 2018, so we knew we were going to have the best experience there.

If you’ve been to an EE before, you’ll know the keynote presentations from our world-class speaker lineup are a huge part of the magic.

And EE #MAXOUT was definitely no exception.

If you made it on 2nd/3rd September, you may have:

But I think we can all agree that due to the deprivation of interaction, the REAL magic was what happened outside the main room.

The connections made in the breaks and at lunch and dinner.

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to meet and connect with our headline speakers.

…And of course, the (now infamous) EMPIRE PARTY!

And the absolute cherry on top (as if we needed one!) was that we received our highest EVER client experience score post-event.

Around half of our attendees submitted their answers to the question ‘how likely are you to recommend Expert Empires to a friend/colleague?

The highest score we’d ever received for a live Expert Empires event was somewhere in the 60s.

For EE #MAXOUT, the score was 84…


So thank you for all your amazing feedback and all your kind words on socials 🙂

Here’s what some of you had to say about EE #MAXOUT:

I didn’t know what to expect, and I thought I already knew everything… turns out I knew very little.

Normally after an event, my brain goes crazy with ideas and how many more projects I can do.

However, after this event, things couldn’t be clearer! I know I have a lot to do, but finally instead of adding projects, I’ll be cutting a few things out and concentrating on what’s important, and developing appropriately

– Johan Schoeman

maxout Expert Empires #MAXOUT Live At Wembley 2021

“Just reflecting on the last two days and all I can think is…


It’s over already.

Thank you to Nick, the speakers & the team.

But for every person in that room – whether we met or not, I appreciate you.

Your presence made all the difference.

Despite it being my first event with the EE community I felt like I was home”

– Christina Robinson 

Wow – I can’t believe the last 2 day’s happened.

After being shut up for 18 months I spent 2 days in a room full of inspiring people and hear some amazing speakers….I’m buzzing”.

 Claire Parsons

So, that’s it!

What a feeling being in that room with everyone.

A celebration of life slowly getting back to normal.

And our first thought on the way home was…

We’d better do another one ASAP!

Keep your eyes peeled, we’ll have a date for you soon 😉