As part of a new series called ‘Expert Spotlight’ here at Expert Empires we’re going to share thoughts, ideas and business growth advice from some of our members. 

These businesses will be from absolute start-up, all the way up to 7 figures, and everything in between!

The idea of the spotlight, is for you to hear from experts who are in the trenches day-in, day-out, and what they’re doing to generate results – in the hope you get some ideas to test yourself.

It’s all good hearing from ‘guru’s’ and those that have already built successful businesses, but what are people like you doing?

Michael Keenan

So, to kick us off is young Michael Keenan.

Michael Keenan first came into our world in March 2019 when he attended his first Expert Empires event (the one with Lewis Howes, Chalene Johnson and Neil Patel) at the tender age of just 17.

Yep, 17!

Michael Keenan was there to learn a bit about marketing and business from the experts on stage before he started university.

Fast forward to November 2019 and Michael Keenan (still 17) came to his second Expert Empires event, he decided there and then that starting a business wasn’t something he wanted to wait until he’d finished university for.

So, he paid his deposit to enrol in Mastermind on a credit card, and dropped out of university – that didn’t go down too well back home!

I thought Michael’s experience would be a great start to this Expert Spotlight series because, not only was he a complete beginner…

He was 17 (have I mentioned that?).

So not only was he a complete beginner in business, but also at being an adult too!

What a perfect introduction to the Expert Spotlight eh?

These spotlights have been designed in a way for you to get maximum value, by seeing what people like you are doing and what you can learn from them.


Who you are and what are your “10 Words” (their “10 Words” are part of the very first session they do as Mastermind Members, where we get super clear on their niche and marketing message)?

What have you achieved in your business so far?

What lessons have you learned from being in Expert Empires Mastermind?

What advice would you give the Expert business community from your own experiences in business?


It’s Michael Keenan (which I know we’ve covered) and his 10 words are: “I help Scalp Micro Pigmentation Artists get more quality leads and clients, fast!”


From a complete standing start, Michael Keenan managed to get to £5k per month (in his first month as a Mastermind Member) following the 50k Formula to the letter.

He very quickly became the authority in his niche, and is now being contacted by Scalp Micro Pigmentation Artists (yeah, I don’t know what one of those is either!) from all over the world.

Michael now got a staggering 43 clients, 3 full time and a further 5 part-time, members of his team.

From that start, Michael’s business stayed at £5k per month for a couple of months (whilst he implemented 6 figure strategies) and has since grown month on month.

In December 2020, Michael (still only 18 (at the time of writing this) by the way) had his best month ever in his young business career, generating a whopping £28k in sales – yep, that’s just for one mont

In Michaels words: "I made 6 figures in 2020 all told, and in 2021, I’m definitely turning that into multi 6 figures"

Pretty impressive.

When it comes to Michael’s greatest lessons from being a Mastermind Member here’s what he shares:

“You just have to charge more man, I didn’t think I could and that no-one would pay, but after being given the confidence to do it, I did, and as with everything else I get told to do by you guys, it worked!”

The other lessons he shared were the importance of starting out with a ‘hyper niche’ and being solely focussed on that one target market, because “that’s how you become an expert quickly and have people moving towards you”.

Also, understanding which phase of growth you’re in from the ‘3 Phases of Growing An Expert Empire’ and remaining completely focussed on that phase is beyond critical.

“There’s such a difference between what I had to do at the start to get clients and cash in the bank, to what I now need to do to scale my business”. 

“What I learned in the 50k programme only got me to a certain point, then in order for me to progress further, I knew I needed to graduate to the 6 Figure programme and learn the strategies to scale to 6 figures…

My next goal is graduation to the 7 Figure programme!”

Michael’s final lesson was “if you want to get to 6 figures then you have to drop the £10 tasks as soon as you hit £4-£5k per month”. 

£10 tasks are the tasks in your business that literally anyone can do, so require no skill at all, but tasks that absolutely have to be done.

Things like: admin stuff, phoning suppliers, sending out email broadcasts, answering incoming calls etc.

“It’s amazing how much time you free up when you drop the £10 tasks” 

The whole point of dropping these tasks, is so you can put your time towards the things that will have a greater impact on the success of your business, like marketing, client care or sales for example.

Finally, here’s the advice Michael gives to the Expert Business community…

Before I tell you, what he actually said when I asked him was “mate, I don’t have advice for business owners, I’m only just over a year in and still a teenager!” 

Obviously he has a lot of stuff that worked really well, so I pushed him for his answer!

Here’s what he said:

"Mate (in his Scottish accent), you have to obsess on clients results and show them that you truly care...

They'll remain loyal, help you out when you need it (as I did recently with that social media thing) and also recommend you to people all the time.

People need to know that no matter what some 'gurus' say, there's simply not 'one best way' to get leads and clients. You must use different methods, but importantly, all those methods must work together and not have any conflicting messages or anything like that.

Next thing I'd say is, when you're starting out, do not waste any money on getting a bloody website! A simple landing page with a strong marketing message and a way to contact you is more than enough.

Oh yeah, this was a huge thing for me, get clients to sign up to a minimum 3 months contract; don't do this month-to-month bullshit!"

Michael Keenan

In the coming weeks and months we’ll be hearing from all sorts of experts and their journey’s so far.

Michael’s story is really inspiring because of the astonishing results he’s achieved so quickly. In upcoming Expert Spotlights, we’ll be sharing other members’ experiences who are further along in their journey and, who are right at the start and yet to make it to the £50k mark. 

Before I go, if you’d like to check Michael out, or if indeed you know of any Scalp Micro Pigmentation Artists that want to get more leads and sales, then here are ways you can check him out and connect:

Michael Keenan


Facebook page:


Until next time,


If you’d like to learn more about how we helped Michael and how we could possibly help you too, then book an Expert Business Diagnostic Call with Matt from the team, and find out what phase of business growth you’re in and what your next steps are.