Expert Empires Global Headliner: Marie Forleo!

We're super happy to announce that Marie Forleo is your first headline speaker for Expert Empires Global!

Landing Marie as one of our headline speakers, is one of our biggest catches to date.

And there’s still more to come!

To say we’re excited is a massive understatement.

In this week’s episode of the Empire Builders Podcast, we take a look back at Nick’s interview with Marie Forleo following the announcement that she’ll be headlining at Expert Empires Global (14-15 April). 

Marie Forleo is an entrepreneur, #1 New York Times bestselling author, and host of the award-winning show MarieTV and The Marie Forleo Podcast.

She also has a fan base of over a million people and has appeared on Oprah’s Emmy Award winning show.

But when describing her biggest achievement, it all comes down to the quality of her life, and the fact that she’s more passionate about what she does now than she’s ever been.

Marie reveals why she believes everything is ‘Figureoutable’, and that at any given moment you have an ability to decide what you’re facing, and if you’re going to rise to meet it.

This is a belief that will undoubtedly have you show up more powerfully, creatively and optimistically.

She covers:

Marie also shares an insight into the valuable content she’ll be sharing at EE Global…

She’ll be deep-diving into how she:

1) Became a number one New York Times best seller.

2) Gained exposure to millions of people worldwide.

3) Built a huge fanbase on multiple platforms.

4) Secured opportunities like Oprah’s Emmy Award winning show.

5) Perfected her business tactics.

I cannot wait to share the lessons that I’ve learned over these 20 years, including the things that I feel have made the biggest impact”.