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Julie Read

Julie Read

Business name: Portfolio Oomph
What we do: I assist art and design applicants to get into their first choice art college/uni
Phone: 07815 810797
Dennis Chen

Dennis Chen

Business name: DC Accountants
What we do: I help IT,Software and Digital agencies save business taxes
Phone: 07583059289
Eddie Morgan

Eddie Morgan

Business name: The Garden Coach
What we do: I mentor people through the process of learning to become truly great food producing gardeners
Phone: 07517680838
Laura Hughes

Laura Hughes

Business name: Power Medics
What we do: Engaging Children & Adults in First Aid Training (Qualifications & Workshops)
Phone: 07778 522226
Michael Nagles

Michael Nagles

Business name: It's Ezee Website Design
What we do: Websites that make your email ping and your telephone ring
Phone: 01438419300
Helen Keenan

Helen Keenan

Business name: The Vibrant Professional
What we do: Assisting high performing businesswomen banish burnout and get their mojo back.
Andrew Simmonds

Andrew Simmonds

Business name: Vision > Fulfilled
What we do: I help founder-CEOs stop being overwhelmed and grow their business
Phone: 07805232270
Andrew Selley

Andrew Selley

Business name: Ignite your Business
What we do: I help business leaders transform their business and ignite their personal performance
Phone: 07808805903
Philip Horrod

Philip Horrod

Business name: Work Life 180 LTD
What we do: Personal and Business Performance Coach for overstretched business owners
Phone: 07808805903
Rick Simmonds

Rick Simmonds

Business name: Verbu
What we do: I help experts create world class digital audio, podcasts & audiobooks
Phone: 0330 1332906

Miles Grant

Business name: Certified Elite Performance Coaching (CEPC)
What we do: I train people to become certified life coaches
Phone: 07786710467
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Deb Frewin

Business name: Deborah Frewin
What we do: I assist female entrepreneurs conquer overwhelm by saying no gracefully and regain their life balance
Phone: 07739000459
Laura Applewhite

Laura Applewhite

Business name: Hysterectomy Healing
What we do: I support women to heal their bodies, hearts and souls after a hysterectomy
Phone: 07904753980

Jayne Unalkat

Business name: Be Social Consultancy
What we do: I create strategic marketing plans for Welsh Organisations
Phone: 07515463262

Donna McGrath

Business name: The Lawyers Coach
What we do: I work with exhausted and frustarted in-house lawyers to take back control and time
Phone: 07414438077
Adam Woods

Adam Woods

Business name: The Camera Confidence Company
What we do: Empowering business owners to grow their business with purpose and passion on ALL screens
Phone: 07775628110
Tony Willis

Tony Willis

Business name: Be Aware Take Care
What we do: Helping organistation keep their people safe by understanding and managing risk
Phone: 07713161164
Janice Minihan

Janice Minihan

Business name: Property Deal Store
What we do: I help people build a property portfolio or sourcing business
Phone: 01282570752
Paul Tizzard

Paul Tizzard

Business name: Love Fly Limited
What we do: I help nervous flyers to love flying
Phone: 07876638222

Josh Guest & Ross Brown

Business name: Innovate Property Group
What we do: Providing knowledge and confidence to start, sclae and succeed in property investing
Phone: 07808174505
Louise Anne

Louise Anne

Business name: Willows and Daisies
What we do: I coach women who have experienced domestic abuse to lead the trauma
Phone: 07527718420
David Coxsell

David Coxsell

Business name: Visible Experts
What we do: Assisting expert businesses to accelerate growth through strengthened visual storyboarding
Phone: 07952152470
Mary McClung

Mary McClung

Business name: Mary McClung Coaching
What we do: I support middle age women who feel stuck to find clarity, direction and purpose again
Phone: 07772488130
Rachel Young

Rachel Young

Business name: Phoenix Hypnotherapy and Counselling
What we do: I work with women experiencing middle adulthood problems: to become their most awesome selves
Phone: 07393619420

Dee Bell

Business name: Birth Baby and You
What we do: I train postnatal practitioners and birth workers to expertly support thier clients with infant feeding.
Phone: 07754020143

Jim Warboy

Business name: Another Brainchild
What we do: I develop music artists and creative talents
Phone: 07973515066
Jagoda Duda

Jagoda Duda

Business name: Jagoda Duda Design LTD
What we do: Helping HMO landlords increase property profit with functional interior design
Phone: 07935889930
Sarah Benbow

Sarah Benbow

Business name: Second Story Coaching
What we do: I help women heal heartbreak and move on

Ann Parker

Business name: The Synergy Health Company
What we do: Healthier clients = wealthier business. Nutritional programmes for health, fitness and beauty businesses
Phone: 07587150998
jean flemming

Jean Fleming

Business name: Jean Fleming Ltd
What we do: Coach for Professional Women who feel stuck in their career and want to go to the next level
Phone: 07788986715
Helen Hobson

Helen Hobson

Business name: Project Body Love! My Mindset & Me!
What we do: Helping women who are trapped in a vicious cycle of self-sabotage & low self-esteem, discover powerful mind & body tools to help them feel in control, in balance & powerfully confident.
Phone: 07774 148176

Charlotte Humphreys

Business name: The Care Training Company
What we do: Specialist care and clinical training for caring professionals and organisations
Laura Jane Hand

Laura Jane Hand

Business name: The Relationship Coach
What we do: Bringing the SPARK back into relationships


Elizabeth Moore

Business name: Health Development and Performance Network
What we do: We provide education and mentoring for Healthcare professionals

Gilly Woodhouse

Business name: Osteobiz Ltd
What we do: Building robust, profitable Osteopathic and multi-disciplinary clinics
Phone: 07887367936

Emma Tarring and Anneve Hutchinson

Business name: The Marketing Matrix
What we do: We help professionals create and grow flexible, profitable consultancy businesses.
Phone: 020 3538 6588

Leila Singh

Business name: Mi-Brand Coaching and Training Academy
What we do: I coach Tech industry career professionals to get promoted and maximise their earning potential.
Phone: 07956 199874

Andrew Beaumont

Business name: AJB HR Consultancy Services Ltd
What we do: Straight talking, commercially aware HR advice. Not pink and fluffy.
Phone: 01788 228608

Alex McCarthy

Business name: Alex McCarthy Coaching
What we do: I am an Executive, Business and High-Performance Coach
Phone: 07512444626

Tracy Cartland Ward

Business name: Witch Property
What we do: At Witch Property we work with women in property who struggle with achieving their property income goals and would like to succeed in maximising the return on their property education and investments
Phone: 07768 367675

Aria Campbell-Danesh

Business name: Dr. Aria
What we do: High performance and emotional resilience (including relationships)

John Kenny

Business name: The Relationship Guy
What we do: Coach to Successful Singles Who Struggle With Intimate Relationships

Rachel Fitz Desorgher

Business name: Rachel Fitz D
What we do: I mentor parents to solve their parenting challenges
Phone: 07940 166673

Liz Stanford

Business name: The Calm Birth School
What we do: I am a hypnobirthing trainer and hypnobirthing business coach
Phone: 07939571542

Deenita Pattni

Business name: The Linkedin Lab
What we do: I help business owners leverage Linkedin and turn connections into paying clients
Phone: 07710956964

Nicki Pratt

Business name: Martial Arts 4 U
What we do: We change families lives through martial arts
Phone: 01937203679

Nic Barrow

Business name: The Snooker Gym
What we do: I help frustrated enthusiasts to play better snooker

Andy Sawiak

Business name: Isham Financial Centre
What we do: Property Finance
Phone: 01536420290


Tom Burkill

Business name: Anglian Chemicals
What we do: Chemical Manufacture. Janitorial Distribution. Washroom Hygiene Services
Phone: 07702735487

Ben Parkinson

Business name: Blue Hat Teambuilding
What we do: Innovative team building concepts tailored to enhance your team's performance
Phone: 07799038769

Suzy Ashworth

Business name: Limitless You Ltd
What we do: Quantum Transformation & Embodiment Coach. Hay House Author and Speaker

Rolf Stauffer

Business name: BodyMind.Golf
What we do: We are the experts in consistency in Golf.
Phone: +41788014253

Neil Dawson, Andy Proudman & Piers Ward

Business name: Me and My Golf
What we do: Online golf coaching via subscription website
Phone: 07717768702

Gordon Burcham

Business name: Business Mastery Success Ltd
What we do: We Help Martial Arts Schools build their schools
Phone: 01788565605

George Theodosiou

Business name: GFS
What we do: Show trades to work less, earn more with less stress! Outstanding cashflow & predictable profits
Phone: 02038625007

Frank Flegg

Business name: Ethical Property Partners
What we do: We build profitable property portfolios for successful entrepreneurs who have £20,000+ to invest

Ellie McKay, Mark McKay & Mark Frain

Business name: Combined Property
What we do: Property Development, working with investors to increase their wealth
Phone: 01302285653

Danny Wicks

Business name: Infusion Group
What we do: Your solution to transformational business growth

Aran Curry

Business name: The Insight Group
What we do: Create financial freedom through property education or Done For You

Andy Ramage

Business name: Senela Performance
What we do: Help people reach their full potential by taking a break from alcohol
Core Values we love people