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Located in central England’s Midlands region, Nottingham is home to more than 300,000 people. Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery is a hilltop museum and art gallery that has been rebuilt several times since Medieval times. The crime-related exhibits at the Galleries of Justice Museum are located in the Lace Market area, once the center of the world’s lace industry. Wollaton Hall is a beautiful Elizabethan mansion with gardens and a deer park.

Wollerton Hall

Wollaton Hall contains one of the country’s finest Grade I listed Elizabethan buildings and the county’s largest Natural History Museum.

Discover the history of Wollaton Hall and its Tudor Kitchens, Prospect Room and Admiral’s Bath.

Natural History Museum

The city’s Natural History Museum has been housed at Wollaton Hall since 1926. It contains 750,000 objects; from fascinating fossils to surreal ‘spirit’ jars.

Nottingham Industrial Museum

Nottingham Industrial Museum tells the story of Nottingham’s hugely important industrial past. At Wollaton Hall and Deer Park, the museum displays a fascinating collection of industrial history, ranging from Tudor mines to the world’s first video recorder.

Natural beauty

Wollaton’s great outdoors await exploration, from the splendor of its gardens to the tranquility of its lake.

In Wollaton’s 500 acres of parkland, which includes grasslands, wetlands, and woodland, deer have roamed since the fourteenth century.

Wild deer

Around 100 red deer and 120 fallow deer live at Wollaton. During the rutting season (September and October), stags protect their hinds, and during calving season (June and July), deer tend to their young, so we ask the public to maintain a safe distance from the deer at all times.

City of Caves

Nottingham’s City of Caves is a visitor attraction based on a network of sandstone caves that have been used as a tannery, cellars of a public house, and air raid shelters over the years. As a scheduled monument, the caves are listed by Historic England under the name Caves at Drury Hill, the medieval street under which they were formerly located until it was demolished to make way for the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. City of Caves refers to the fact that Nottingham has hundreds of man-made caves which have been used for over a thousand years. Until recently, the City of Caves was accessible from the upper level of Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. Due to construction works in the Broadmarsh Centre, the City of Caves can currently be accessed from Garner’s Hill. The attraction, part of the National Justice Museum, has been operated by the Egalitarian Trust since 2004