How to Grow a Business


I wanted to share with you a story…..
In 2008 I left my £16k a year telesales job and set up my first ‘proper’ business as a freelance copywriter.  In the first year, things were going ‘ok’,  I had clients and I was making a solid income of £4k-5k a month.  But there were two BIG problems! Maybe you can relate?
I was absolutely maxed-out in terms of my capacity, the only way for me to deliver for clients was to do all the work myself.  

I didn’t have anyone else to delegate even the simplest of tasks to.  So I was busy doing the marketing, the selling, the admin, the finances… EVERYTHING.  It was a pure ’time for money’ business, and I’d run out of time to sell!
Yes, I was bringing in £4k-£5k a month, but over half of that was from one big client.  I knew this was a risk. If that one client disappeared, I was screwed!
I’d built a business that was essentially a well-paid job with less security.  Plus, on a personal level, Nat was pregnant with our first child, and I had a wedding to pay for 6 months later!
Then in March 2009… My one big client decided to cancel my retainer.  And just like that, I lost OVER HALF of my income.  NIGHTMARE! 🙁

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After I’d got over the initial shock, I set about creating a plan to rebuild.  I swore I’d never get into the same position again, where I was so reliant on one client or one person for such a large chunk of my income.
In the 12 months that followed I collected well in excess of £100k in cash, and within three years my business hit seven figures in annual revenue for the first time

I learnt how to grow a business!


‘Six Figure Strategies’
I invested a lot of time and money in building, nurturing, and monetising my list, I bought in a part-time assistant to allow me to delegate some of the day to day tasks out.
I started to run webinars and my own live events, I set up a membership programme to bring in predictable monthly revenue, I started experimenting with paid ads.
I shifted from a ‘done-for-you’ model to selling training and education programmes…
…and instead of selling one-to-one coaching, I offered a group coaching programme.

Grow a business

Mastermind Group

how to grow a business

This level of Mastermind is for expert businesses that find themselves hitting six-figures in sales but not yet at £250k per year, but those who know they’re sitting on something exciting and want to scale quickly and safely.

The way you operate your business got you up to six figures but now you’re playing a bigger game, a whole new host of challenges and pivots in strategy are required to accelerate your growth to a quarter of a million and beyond.

This programme is all about taking your current business and making you the expert in your field, creating effective marketing campaigns, making sure your packages are priced (and positioned) correctly, delivering your services one-to-many and beginning to build your expert team to grow a business.

Once we have this nailed, you’ll be on your way to the £250k milestone and then ready for your graduation to the 7 figure Mastermind Programme.

To find out more about what we can do to help grow a business, YOUR BUSINESS….. click on the link above to get in touch with us and start your journey to success!

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