Accelerate your growth towards 6 figures

100k mastermind PROGRAMME

The 100k Mastermind Programme is phase 1 in the seven figure journey and is specifically for Experts who are just starting a business.

The first milestone in your journey is to get to £100k in annual sales.

Once this key milestone has been reached, we can move onto the six figure strategies that will help leverage your time, start selling on a greater scale, begin to build your team and all the other six figure elements.


private bespoke strategic consultation

During this session we’ll get crystal clear on:

bi-monthly 100k mastermind meetings

These meetings are personally hosted and delivered by Nick James at our private training centre in the lovely Hampton-in-Arden.

During these meetings you’ll get to “mastermind” as a group and get strategic direction on whatever it is that’s holding you back.

These meetings can also be attended online.

1:1 Monthly coaching

We know that more knowledge isn’t what most experts need in order to get to £100k in annual sales.

It’s accountability!

With your monthly coaching sessions, this is exactly what you get. You’ll have your own personal coach hold your hand (or kick your ass) to ensure you make the progress you need.

Our Mastermind coaches are none other than world-renowned Tony and Nicki Vee. Having built a successful six figure coaching business themselves, there’s not much they don’t know about growing a business in the expert space.

With the calibre of personal coaching available in the programme, expect more than just your business to flourish!


Every other month you’re invited to attend additional training days at our training centre.

You’ll get access to the best sales trainer on the planet; Matthew Elwell. He’s the Co-Founder of the Elite Closing Academy and for a whole day, he’s yours to help solve any of your sales woes.

You’ll also get access to Tony and Nicki Vee for an entire day of coaching. These sessions will open your eyes to new ways of looking at things and give you the mindset and motivation you need to fly to £100k quickly, and beyond!

Other trainings are also delivered in these bi-monthly events on an ad-hoc basis including things like; copywriting, public speaking, marketing tactics etc.,

24/7 expert support

Whilst the programme is made up of everything above, we do whatever it takes to get you the success you deserve.

With a team of 20+ people, we have the resources to help you with whatever is holding you back.

You get exclusive access to our in-house team of experts in areas like:

The best thing is, we’re on hand for whenever you need us!

the mastermind vault

Another member benefit is full, unrestricted access to the Mastermind Vault. 

Inside our online Vault you’ll find over 100 hours of training on various subjects, including Copywriting, Facebook ads, How to run webinars, Event marketing, and much more.

We even have a full-blown Online Coaching Certification Programme in there too.

Plus there’s a ton of tried, tested, and proven marketing campaigns, sales pages, and slide decks, that you can literally copy, paste, and put to work in your business.

the private members only facebook group

By far the most understated part of the programme that holds significant value which you can’t comprehend until you’re a part of.

In this private Facebook group, you have exclusive access to members of all levels of Mastermind. 

This means you have at your disposal, an elite peer group of business owners who are generating anything up to multiple millions of pounds in annual revenue.

What this means is that no matter what challenges you’re facing, you have a peer group of experts with first hand experience who are ready and willing to jump in and help you out when you need it.

Not to mention you get Nick and his expert team in there too!

And, every week you have the opportunity to submit questions to Nick for the live Q&A on Tuesday evenings.

Having access to this elite community means you will never go too long with unanswered questions – this is a truly powerful element of the programme that you need to see to believe.



These guys are awesome. They go well above and beyond to help you. They genuinely want you to be successful and you really feel it with every interaction."
Paul Tizzard
Paul Tizzard
Fear of flying coach
Nick's Mastermind Programme has given me the support I need to grow my niche business 3 fold over the past 2 years. Nick and the team are great role models and their expertise in the field of business growth in coaching, training etc is most impressive. Ongoing thanks.
Julie Read
Julie Read
Portfolio Oomph
With great human values, honest feedback, impressive team of coaches and experts, Nick's Expert Empires Mastermind Programme has given me the support I've needed to launch and grow my niche CAMERA Coaching for Entrepreneurs business in lockdown. Highly recommended
Adam Woods
Adam Woods
Camera Coaching